Концерт у априлу 2011


Фолклорна Група Вук Караџић организује традиционални годишњи концерт. Концерт ће бити одржан у Michael J. Fox Theatre у Бурнабију у Суботу 30ог Априла у 19 часова. За богат и веома квалитетан програм су се побринули сви ансамбли наше Фолклорне групе, бројни гости као и полазници наше школе.

Овај концерт је круна још једне веома успешне сезоне. После неколико напорних месеци припрема највећа награда за све учеснике ће бити пуна сала и ваш аплауз, зато вас молимо да дођете и подржите нашу групу.

Where: Michale J Fox Theatre, 7373 MacPherson Ave, Burnaby BC

When: 7 PM (Doors open at 6 PM)

Concert sponsorship

Dear Sir/Madame,


On behalf of Vancouver's Serbian Folk Dance Group "Vuk Karadzic", I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our group and our upcoming dance concert, with the hope that you will consider becoming a sponsor for our concert.


Vuk Karadzic Serbian Dance Group was formed over 40 years ago as the folklore branch of the Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Vancouver, British Columbia. The primary goal of our ensemble has been to preserve and promote Serbian folklore tradition and culture through dance, music, song, and authentic folk costumes. Participation in our group allows Serbian youth in Vancouver the opportunity to embrace their culture and heritage in a positive, supportive atmosphere. Each year, we participate in several cultural events and festivals in the Lower Mainland including the European Festival, Greek Days, and the Performing Arts Festival in Burnaby. Last year, our group completed a very exciting dance season in which we performed in Toronto, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. We also celebrated our 40th anniversary last year with a concert at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, in which multiple generations of dancers performed together on the same stage.


This year, we are making plans for several exciting events. With the introduction of several new choreographies to our repertoire this year, we are in the process or ordering new ethnic costumes from Serbia for our dancers. We are also making preparations for a performance at a folk festival in San Diego, California as well as hosting our own dance concert at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, B.C. We anticipate that our concert will be an evening of top notch dance performances (not only from our own dance group, but from outside groups as well). We also expect that it will be a sold-out performance for 600 audience members, including local businessmen and politicians.


As we embark on planning for these events and as our group continues to grow in size (reaching almost 70 members), we are in need of financial support from generous sponsors. Such sponsorship will enable us to purchase new costumes and fund our concert and travels. Without donations from sponsors, we would be unable to continue to perform and prosper as a group.


It is our hope that you will consider making a donation and becoming an official sponsor of our group. By becoming a sponsor, this will be a great opportunity to advertise you and/or your business at our concert at the Michael J. Fox Theatre on April 30th, 2011. Please review the following sponsorship categories, and let us know if you are able to make a contribution by

April 20th, 2011 by emailing Nine Mirkovic at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning him at

778-862-4707. All contributions are welcome and tax deductable.


Warm regards,


Olga Vancic

President, Vuk Karadzic Folk Dance Group

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Предстојећи концерти (Upcoming concerts)

У јеку смо узбудљиве сезоне препуне разних догађаја. Наши учитељи вриједно раде на припреми нових кореографија за наше три групе. Јелица Кесерић (1. ансамбл), Даница Пјевалица (2. ансамбл) и Маја Ивковић (3. ансамбл) обављају одличан посао као учитељи наших група. Све три групе су показале неке од нових кореографија приликом наступа за Светога Саву, нашу црквену славу. Бугарска фолклорна група позвала је наш први ансамбл да наступи на добротворном концерту 23. Јануара и дефинитивно су били звијезде дана, по завршетку тачке публика их је испратила овацијама.


У току су припреме неколико догађаја: 

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